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Dear friends, the woodcock season is about to start! That’s why i will give you some useful information!

The most frequently used guns have barrels ranging from 60 to 66 cm. long. Wider chokes are used (|||||, ||||) as well as rifled barrels which give the bird shot a rotating motion allowing for better coverage of the target and a higher chance of hitting it. The shot itself must be intuitive. The rounds should range between № 7 and № 11; lately combined rounds are № 7/8, № 8/9 №9/10, because the heavier pellets push the lighter ones giving the hunter a wider spread. The woodcock is a small and fragile bird and a small number of pellets can hit it.

The beepers, satellite tracking devices for the dogs, high visibility vests and collars for the dogs, high visibility gear for the hunter (vest, hat, bands), high boots, light clothes made from breathable fabric.

And the result is:





Dario e Paolo

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Hunting for waterfowls in Romania

Romania is one of the best places in the world for geese and duck hunting. The best period for hunting waterfowls is from November to the end of February. During the winter when all the lakes are frozen, thousands of ducks move to the river Danube.

za slagane 5

The geese are hunted on their feeding places and a professional organization provided by us is must and it’s required for a good hunt. An organization such as monitoring, feeding, decoys and the specific positioning etc.DSC00548:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


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Caccia agli acquatici in Romania

La Romania è uno dei posti migliori per la caccia alle anatre e alle oche. Il periodo migliore per la caccia agli acquatici è da novembre fino al 28 febbraio. Durante l’inverno quando si congelano tutti i laghi all’interno del paese migliaia di anatre si concentrano sul Danubio.

za slagane 5


Le oche si cacciano nei posti dove pasturano. L’organizzazione professionale è fondamentale per il buon esito della caccia – i monitoraggi giornalieri, il mangime, il tipo degli stampi e il modo di posizionarli, i capanni ecc.


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Hunting in Romania!

Hello Friends!
I am very happy to show you the photos from Romania! It was such a pleasure to be there, visit an old friend and to taste of the Romanian hunting life!

DSC00593 DSC00600
slagame 2
slagane 1
za slagane





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Partridge hunting in Bulgaria

The hunt for partridges in Bulgaria begins at around 9:00 AM because the gallinaceous birds do not require the hunter to get up and be at the hunting grounds very early. It can be hunted in flatlands and regions with small, rolling hills.


Some Pointers can smell flocks from 100 m. away. You can hunt individually or in a group. Nervous dogs are to be avoided (dogs that can’t hold their stance or are easily provoked by the moving birds in front of them which, in turn, impedes the hunters advance). Partridges, when in danger, fly 300-600 m. from where they were standing and land again. That is why their flight path needs to be tracked.179

We need to have good control over the dog so as to be able to regulate the search distance, especially when we know where the birds are. The families have a strong scent which makes them easy to find. It’s advisable, when hunting partridges, to try and break up the flock. Then they press to the ground longer and we can observe beautiful stances from the dogs.

This particular hunt can last all day with a lot of ground covered with high tempo. That is why the hunter needs to be in good health.partridges

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Gli acquatici che passano in Bulgaria  tramite le vie migratorie Via Pontica e Via Aristoteles  arrivano da territori situati al nord e all’est dalla Bulgaria.

La caccia degli acquatici in Bulgaria è consentita dal  01.10 al 31.01.

Le specie di oche e anatre presenti in Bulgaria sono: anser albifrons /la lombardella/, anser anser, anser fabalis /la granaiola/, anas platyrhynchos /il germano/, anas crecca/ la marzaiola/, anas querquedula / l’alzavola/, anas acuta / il codone/, anas penelope /il fischione/, fulica atra /la folaga/, aythya fuligula/ la moretta/, aythya ferina/il moriglione/, anas clypeata/ il mestolone/.

Tutti i tipi tranne l’anser anser, la granaiola e l’aythya ferina si possono cacciare in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria svernano tra 50 e 500 000 oche lombardelle.

Il germano è il più numeroso di tutti i tipi di anatre in Bulgaria. L’80 % dell’abbattimento annuo sono germani.

Dati dal censimento invernale di tutti i tipi di oche in Bulgaria

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
oche 359000 14000 75000 45000 95000 117000 138000 252000


Dati dal censimento invernale di tutti i tipi di anatre in Bulgaria

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
anatre 95000 64000 87000 93000 40 000 100 000 68 000 124000

La lombardella







Anser Anser







La granaiola







Il germano





















Il codone







Il fischione







La moretta












Il moriglione







Il mestolone







La folaga

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Caccia Macedonia 2013/2014

Macedonia 2013/2014