Red Deer Hunting in Bulgaria 2017

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Bulgaria is a great place for a trophy hunter to be at the moment! The red deer mating period just began recently, and for those of you who are interested in trying their hand at this exciting sport, now’s your chance! The best time to hunt red deer in Bulgaria lasts until the first week of October. You can even combine red deer hunting with fallow deer and wild boar hunting! To see more pictures of the big game animals we have to offer, visit our website at

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Lark and Thrush Hunting 2017

Hunters have the chance to test their skills during the lark and thrush hunting season this October and November! Our hunting areas boast a high population of these birds and we can guarantee a very successful hunt!

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Our New YouTube Channel!

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We are happy to present our new YouTube channel! Subscribe now to share our guests’ adventures on their big and small game hunting trips in Bulgaria and its neighbouring countries. Acquaint yourselves with our hunting grounds, whether they be lush forests, wide open fields or river banks. Both those with a deep passion for hunting and casual hunting enthusiasts are welcome! Just click on the link below and stay up to date on our video content:


How is the pricing of the big game hunting in Bulgaria

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In the different countries the pricing of the animals’trophies is different. I will try in brief to give you some usuful information about the trophies pricelist in Bulgaria. They are evaluated by a State Comission according to the CIC. The price is per weight of the trophies of red deer, fallow deer and roe deer and per length for the wild boar and the mouflon trophies. The size of the animal, the weight of its body, the points of the horns are not taken into concideration.

Example for the price of red deer trophy:

If the price from 7 to 8 kg is 2000 eur with an extra of 8 eur for each further 10 grams, the cost for a trophy that is 7.10 kg will be 2080, for a trophy of  7.20 kg will be 2160 and so on.

The trophies in the mountain regions are very good, symmetrical but lighter in comparison with those in plain regions, so you get t a big trophy in mountain hunting area at a lower cost.

If you want to know more about the hunting in Bulgaria you can write me to I will be happy to assist you.

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CEO Faviaviaggi

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Trasporto e pensione per i vostri cani

Cari amici cacciatori,

Siccome una delle cose più importanti per programmare il viaggio di caccia è il trasporto dei cani, da questa stagione possiamo offrirvi la possibilità di trasportare i vostri cani con pulmino attrezzato dall’Italia e di assicurare la loro sistemazione in box confortevoli per un determinato periodo dopo il vostro soggiorno se dovete ritornare una seconda volta a caccia. I nostri dresser esperti se ne prenderanno cura durante la vostra assenza. Il nostro obiettivo è di togliervi tutti i pensieri del viaggio per lasciare per voi solo il piacere della caccia.