Wood Grouse Season 2016

Wood grouse season begins next month!

Wood Grouse 1

It certainly is a special time of the year. The hunt for wood grouses is unique in many respects. Using its mating ritual as a distraction is essential. It’s an intense experience and requires prior preparation and good timing, as shooting it is only possible in a very narrow time frame while it makes one of its mating calls and cannot hear the approaching hunters. It takes skill and patience, but the effort is well worth it – the male wood grouse is a rare and beautiful trophy, large in size, with a majestic plumage and proud stance that would be an asset to any hunter’s home.

Wood Grouse 2

Wood grouse hunting can be combined with wild boar hunting from a high seat, but the most exciting combination is with the hunt for chamois.


Chamois trophies in Bulgaria are frequent medal winners, and bringing not one, but two prestigious trophies from your trip is no small feat!

Wood Grouse 3

Wood grouse season starts on the 15th of April and lasts until the 15th of May.

Duck Hunting on the Bulgarian Side of the Danube

The end of January is one of the best times of the season for duck hunting!

The period between the 20-th and 30-th of January this year was very successful for duck hunters in Bulgaria, due to the high number of migrating birds flying over the length of the Danube river.

This area is also the home to a large population of wild pheasants. Combining the two types of hunt makes for an exciting hunting experience!

watermarked duck hunter

watermarked duck pile