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Partridge hunting in Bulgaria

The hunt for partridges in Bulgaria begins at around 9:00 AM because the gallinaceous birds do not require the hunter to get up and be at the hunting grounds very early. It can be hunted in flatlands and regions with small, rolling hills.


Some Pointers can smell flocks from 100 m. away. You can hunt individually or in a group. Nervous dogs are to be avoided (dogs that can’t hold their stance or are easily provoked by the moving birds in front of them which, in turn, impedes the hunters advance). Partridges, when in danger, fly 300-600 m. from where they were standing and land again. That is why their flight path needs to be tracked.179

We need to have good control over the dog so as to be able to regulate the search distance, especially when we know where the birds are. The families have a strong scent which makes them easy to find. It’s advisable, when hunting partridges, to try and break up the flock. Then they press to the ground longer and we can observe beautiful stances from the dogs.

This particular hunt can last all day with a lot of ground covered with high tempo. That is why the hunter needs to be in good health.partridges

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