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In October every hunter is in a hurry to get into the grip of the most masculine thrill in this sport – wild boar hunting. This is a rather risky, however, incomparable in emotions and twists with any other hunting adventure.

The boar is the most intelligent forest animal. It is said that its brain structure most closely resembles the human’s. This is also a very powerful beast with amazing physical abilities to develop speed. When in action, it can be compared with a battering ram. Its skull is extremely robust, and the total mass of the body often varies between 100 and 300 kg.

So in ambush, the wild boar hunter should always stand behind a tree or other cover. And still more – to keep an eye for the wind to blow against him. The boar has a very acute sense of smell and quickly could sniff the enemy, though its eyesight is very poor. To shoot the wild boar, it is best to load the rifle with an ammunition of 13/0 and a Brenneke – no matter whether a shotgun or not.

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