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State Game Preserve “Nessebar”

The preserve is situated within the eastern slopes of Stara Planina – the so called Eminska Stara Planina, and covers an area of 35 568ha. The rest-house is at 400km distance from the capital, as the nearest airports are in Burgas – 40 km and in Varna – 80 km. The climate is moderate continental variating solely with the breeze coming from the Black sea. The hunting route is of medium difficulty as it passes through the characteristic highland relief and steepy gullies at an altitude of 450m.

The main game species found there are: deer, stag, doe and wild boar. Among the best trophies from this preserve has been from deer – 247,68 points as per CIC and from wild boar – 128,60 points as per CIC. 



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