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State Game Preserve “Rositza”

State Game Preserve “Rositza” is situated at 220km distance from the capital Sofia. It is hidden within the northern flanks of Stara Planina, amids centuries-old beech-tree forests and lush mountain meadows, broken through solely by valleys and gullies. The preserve covers an area of 17 000 ha, marked by a typical highland to Alpine relief. The altitude may vary from 350 to 1850 m.

Here daily care for deer, wild boars, does and bears has been tradition from lond time. Wolves, the indispensable companions of the cloven-hoofed animals, prove that wild nature still exists in this beautiful Bulgarian nook. The ancient magic of Stara Planina, huge reserve of big game, cozy rest-house and expertised guides make this place excel in conditions not only for hunting but also for good rest amids virgin nature.

At State Game Preserve “Rositza” you can hunt deer (trophy ranges in weight between 8 and 10 kg), wild boars (length of 18 to 23 cm), does (ranges in weight from 350 to 500 gr), bears (more than 450 points), other predators or go fishing for trouts, ride horses, take pictures of animals or simply go hiking.



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