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Dans la plupart des réserves en Bulgarie la chasse au cerf se fait en territoires libres. Le cerf peut peser en moyenne 150 kg, ce qui le positionne parmi les plus grands animaux herbivores en Europe. En Bulgarie les trophées pèsent entre 8 et 14 kg.

Notez qu’en Bulgarie il y a quatre records mondiaux de trophées de cerf. Le plus grand trophée appartient à notre pays – 273,60 CIC points. La chasse au cerf peut être combinée à la chasse au sanglier et mouflon,  en option.

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Cada cazador durante el mes de septiembre tiene la prisa de caer en cautiverio de la mayor pasión masculina de este deporte – la caza de jabalí. Es arriesgado, sin embargo no se puede compara con nada por la aventura pintoresca y llena de cambios.

El jabalí es el animal forestal más inteligente. Se cree que la estructura de su cerebro es la más cercana la del humano. Al mismo tiempo es una bestia muy potente, con una rapidez y habilidades extraordinarias para su físico. Cuando se tonifica se puede comparar con una máquina de romper muros. Su cráneo es extremadamente duro, mientras que su masa corporal varía entre 100 y 300 kg.

Por estas razones el cazador en emboscada de jabalíes siempre tiene que acomodarse detrás de un árbol u otro escondite. Y además que vigilara que el viento sople enfrente de él. Simplemente el jabalí dispone de un olfato muy sensible y olfatea rápidamente sus enemigos, aunque su vista sea débil. Para disparar un jabalí, la escopeta es mejor que se cargue con un cartucho de 13/0 y con perdigones – independientemente si es escopeta de tiro doble o no.

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En octobre tout chasseur semble se métamorphoser et être sous l’emprise de l’émotion la plus masculine dans ce sport – la chasse au sanglier. C’est risqué, mais rien n’est comparable avec une telle aventure pleine de surprises et de rebondissements.

Le sanglier est l’animal forestier le plus intelligent. Il est dit que la structure de son cerveau ressemble plus à celle de l’être humain. C’est aussi une bête très puissante avec un physique incroyable, doté d’une grande rapidité. En cas d’attaque, sa force peut être comparée à celle d’un bélier. Son crâne est extrêmement robuste, et sa masse corporelle varie souvent entre 100 et 300 kg.

Donc, en embuscade, le chasseur de sanglier doit toujours se tenir derrière un arbre ou tout autre abri. Et aussi surveiller qu’il est bien face au vent, car le sanglier a un sens très aigu de l’odorat et repère rapidement ses ennemis, bien que sa vue soit très faible. Pour le sanglier il est préférable de charger une cartouche de calibre 13/0, pour les fusils juxtaposés ou un coup.

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In October every hunter is in a hurry to get into the grip of the most masculine thrill in this sport – wild boar hunting. This is a rather risky, however, incomparable in emotions and twists with any other hunting adventure.

The boar is the most intelligent forest animal. It is said that its brain structure most closely resembles the human’s. This is also a very powerful beast with amazing physical abilities to develop speed. When in action, it can be compared with a battering ram. Its skull is extremely robust, and the total mass of the body often varies between 100 and 300 kg.

So in ambush, the wild boar hunter should always stand behind a tree or other cover. And still more – to keep an eye for the wind to blow against him. The boar has a very acute sense of smell and quickly could sniff the enemy, though its eyesight is very poor. To shoot the wild boar, it is best to load the rifle with an ammunition of 13/0 and a Brenneke – no matter whether a shotgun or not.

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Some time ago we promised to tell you the story of the hunting paradise of Bulgaria. Its name is “Bukovetz” hunting preserve. It is situated in the middle of the Balkan mountain and the country, on an area of 29 000 hectares.

Needless to say, you can judge by yourself from the pictures, that in Bukovetz you can relish the delicious cuisine, enjoy the convenience and the comfort of the hunting lodge, to feel the trill of the real hunt and to get wonderful trophies.

The tranquillity and the virgin nature keep the natural habitats of the Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Roe Deer and the Moufflon. The wealth of the wild fauna is presented from the partridge, pheasant, hare and all hunting kinds of migratory birds too.

It is possible to combine the hunt for big and small game within one day.

The vast meadows and the century-old forests, the great number of cornfields and the professional hunters offer successful hunt from a high stand and by stalking, so as a driven hunt too. The constructed convenient well heat- and noise- insulated raised hides and hunting high stands enable the absolute privacy in the wild nature.

The preserve disposes of two hunting lodges in the typical architectural Bulgarian National Revival style. For your evening summer comfort you can take a swim, Jacuzzi, have a dinner or simply enjoy the silence and the babble of the mountain stream in the open air. 




Il bulgaro Yavor Gancev dalla scuola Proto- bulgara “Baga – Tour” ha vinto la medaglia d’oro alla gara di tiro con l’arco tenutasi in Ungheria. Un’ altra partecipante bulgara Nina Yankova ha preso il bronzo ed è sempre della stessa scuola.  

Nella gara tradizionale ungherese partecipano 15 nazioni e più di 90 partecipanti.

Yavor Gancev considera che il suo segreto per il successo sta nell’arma con la quale ha partecipato. Il suo arco è di origine bulgara, ricavato da Marian Maniovski utilizzando tecnologie tradizionali senza materiali moderni ed è elaborato da corno e tendine. L’arco tiene più di 80 libbre anche a 38 gradi che è uno standard di battaglia.  

Yavor Gancev ha realizzato sette colpi favorevoli dei sette tiri a segno consecutivi per un tempo di record.

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The Bulgarian Yavor Ganchev won a gold medal from the archery competition “Ancestors’ day” held in Hungary. Ganchev is a member of the Proto-Bulgarian survival school “Baga-Tur” which excelled also with another member in this competition – Nina Yakova who won the bronze medal.

15 nations and 90 competitors were present at the traditional Hungarian archery competition. Yavor stated that he believes the secret of his success to be the Bulgarian hornbeam bow. The bow has been handcrafted by the Bulgarian Marian Maniovski following the traditional technology excluding the usage of contemporary materials, added Yavor.  He could made seven successive direct hits, running zigzag between hurdles for a record period of time. 

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State Game Preserve “Nessebar”

The preserve is situated within the eastern slopes of Stara Planina – the so called Eminska Stara Planina, and covers an area of 35 568ha. The rest-house is at 400km distance from the capital, as the nearest airports are in Burgas – 40 km and in Varna – 80 km. The climate is moderate continental variating solely with the breeze coming from the Black sea. The hunting route is of medium difficulty as it passes through the characteristic highland relief and steepy gullies at an altitude of 450m.

The main game species found there are: deer, stag, doe and wild boar. Among the best trophies from this preserve has been from deer – 247,68 points as per CIC and from wild boar – 128,60 points as per CIC. 

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State Game Preserve “Zhenda”

The preserve is named after a village in the Rhodopi Mountain. It is situated at 259 km distance from the capital. The total area comes to 16 118 ha. It is characterized by relatively low mountainous relief, highly broken through by numerous ravines. The peaks are round and the slopes – very steep and precipitous. The altitude varies between 400 and 1100m. Deer, stag, doe, mouflon and wild boar are the species featuring the local hunting fauna, as they inhabit permanently or temporarily the preserve.


The mouflon could be found within the eastern parts of the Rhodopi Mountain – 6 golden medals. The collection of best hunting achievements renders also those who won an equal number of golden and silver medals – 4 trophies from wild boar and two bronze medals with deer and stag achievements.


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State Game Preserve “Rositza”

State Game Preserve “Rositza” is situated at 220km distance from the capital Sofia. It is hidden within the northern flanks of Stara Planina, amids centuries-old beech-tree forests and lush mountain meadows, broken through solely by valleys and gullies. The preserve covers an area of 17 000 ha, marked by a typical highland to Alpine relief. The altitude may vary from 350 to 1850 m.

Here daily care for deer, wild boars, does and bears has been tradition from lond time. Wolves, the indispensable companions of the cloven-hoofed animals, prove that wild nature still exists in this beautiful Bulgarian nook. The ancient magic of Stara Planina, huge reserve of big game, cozy rest-house and expertised guides make this place excel in conditions not only for hunting but also for good rest amids virgin nature.

At State Game Preserve “Rositza” you can hunt deer (trophy ranges in weight between 8 and 10 kg), wild boars (length of 18 to 23 cm), does (ranges in weight from 350 to 500 gr), bears (more than 450 points), other predators or go fishing for trouts, ride horses, take pictures of animals or simply go hiking.